About us

INSATI INNOVATION is a technology-based company specialising in the E-Health sector, established in 2013. INSATI designs solutions for connected personal health, a new model of health service provision that uses new ICT technologies (Cloud based systems, social, analytics, mobile,…) to improve its quality and efficiency, facilitating and empowering all actors involved in the process, especially the patient (patient empowerment) by placing him/her at the centre of the system.

Our team specialises in the development of biomedical and environmental sensor solutions combined with decision support systems and data analysis. We focus our efforts on promoting prevention as opposed to classic reactive models, which act when a disease or pathological process becomes more acute.

We work intensively with health organisations and technology companies, providing services on enabling technologies within the framework of R&D&I projects, clinical trials or public procurement processes of innovative technology. We promote agreements for the co-creation of products based on public-private collaboration models, seeking at all times to enhance the value and sustainability of the innovative activity of all the agents that form part of the health and technology ecosystem.