Exposure to ligth and circadian rhythms

Exposure to ocular light has important influences on human health and well-being through modulation of circadian rhythms and sleep, as well as neuroendocrine and cognitive functions. Recent research on the mechanisms of phototransduction in humans is revealing the fundamental role of exposure to light and dark cycles as a regulator of important physiological processes from […]

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V International RIES Forum “Silver Economy: Food and Wellbeing

After our participation in 2018 edition as speakers in the showroom Enabling and Disruptive Technologies for health care, promotion, prevention and care and the presentation of our project AVECEN in 2019, we will virtually attend this 2020 edition of the Forum. #RIES is the international reference forum at regional and national level to address the challenges and […]

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17th Alzhemier and other demensions days – AFAGA

The Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias in Galicia (AFAGA) is organising the 17th edition of its annual conference on the 29th and 30th November. With this event, AFAGA Alzheimer continues to create a space for meeting and specialised training, where health and social care professionals can reflect on the current situation and […]

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