GAIN supports our technological development project AVECEN

Today 7th November 2018 the Galician Agency for Innovation GAIN has notified us of the approval of our project “AVECEN, Virtual Assistant for the active aging of people with neurodegenerative mental diseases” within the framework of the Conecta Peme 2018 call.

The objective of the AVECEN project is the development of a distributed platform that allows the self-management of neurodegenerative mental diseases by patients as well as the decision making by medical professionals and caregivers in their environment. To this end, we propose the creation of a dynamic virtual assistant that continuously monitors and evaluates the execution of certain clinical routines, making recommendations adapted to the patient’s condition and evaluating their frequent or habitual behaviour at any given time, allowing us to understand their evolution over time and assess the extent to which a worsening of the state of health is taking place. The aim is to improve patients’ adherence to clinical routines, prescribed treatment and, in general, good management practices for degenerative mental illnesses, such as physical activity, healthy lifestyle habits, psychological or cognitive assessments.

The project started on 01/06/2018 and will run until 30/09/2020. In the coming months we will report on the progress and intermediate results.

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