Innovapeme 2019: INSATI’s innovation plan

On 13 August 2019 the Galician Agency for Innovation (GAIN) published the resolution of the Innovapeme Programme, through which 2,750,756.96 euros were granted to improve the innovative capacity of Galician SMEs, including Insati Innovation S.L., with a subsidy of 59,830 euros out of a total project budget of 119,660 euros.

The objective of this call is to improve the innovative performance of Galician small and medium enterprises, with co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the systematization, promotion or optimization of their innovative activity. From now on, the beneficiary companies have to implement an innovation plan with a minimum duration of one year. After its implementation, the aim is for them to obtain: better innovation indicators; more innovative products and processes on the market; or better and more efficient processes that make them more competitive.

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