COVILED project results presentation conference

Next Friday 21 April 2023 at 12:00 we will celebrate in the auditorium of the CHUAC the presentation of results of the COVILED project: Intelligent disinfection system for the control of the aerial spread of COVID-19. The COVILED project, funded by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) in the framework of the Conecta-COVID call for proposals […]

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XIX Professional Conference “Alzheimer’s, a shared challenge”

The Galician Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients and other Dementias (AFAGA) is organising the 19th edition of its annual conference on 26 November. With this event, AFAGA Alzheimer’s continues to create a space for meetings and specialised training, where health and social-health professionals can reflect on the current situation and future challenges in dementia […]

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Watching Parkinson’s disease with wrist-based sensors

Parkinson’s disease lacks sensitive, objective, and reliable measures for disease progression and response. This presents a challenge for clinical trials given the multifaceted and fluctuating nature of disease symptoms. Innovations in digital health and wearable sensors promise to more precisely measure aspects of patient function and well-being. A recent study from Verily Life Sciences presents […]

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