ATLANTILUS. Stand-alone video and intelligent sensor unit

In line with our policy of supporting prevention from the One Health concept, a global strategy that defends that human health and animal health are interdependent and linked to the ecosystems in which they coexist, we promote the Atlantilus project.

The relationship between people, animals and the environment in which they live is dynamic. The One Health concept tries to adapt to these changing relationships, which in recent decades are especially significant due to issues such as globalisation, migrations, increased human mobility around the planet, changes in the geographical distribution of different animal species, climate change, deforestation, intensive livestock farming, new animal migratory routes, environmental pollution, etc.

The Atlantilus project, which has the support of the aid programme in the area of socio-economic influence of the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia, financed by the European Union Next-Generation, proposes the design, development and manufacture of an autonomous video and intelligent sensing unit.

This technological unit, which can be fully remotely operated, allows the monitoring of fauna, flora and environmental parameters in protected natural areas, particularly in the Atlantic Islands National Park.

The platform offers the research staff of these spaces a monitoring tool in remote places that are difficult to access and, at the same time, a channel for disseminating information and making it available to the general public, as well as support for citizen science projects.

The system consists of the following technological elements:

  • 360 8K camera that allows live broadcasting on multiple platforms.
  • PTZ camera with 25x optical zoom for animal tracking and photo-trapping.
  • Light pollution and sky colour monitoring camera.
  • Multi-purpose fisheye camera.
  • Weather station for measuring temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, luminosity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, PM2.5 and noise.


All system management is done through an intuitive cloud dashboard, from which you can configure alerts, view multiple data, API integration with third party systems.

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