CAREBOT. Intelligent robotic units for ambulatory care activity

The objective of the CAREBOT project –Intelligent Robotic Units for ambulatory care activity– is to develop an assistant for the accompaniment of the patient during their access to the assistance service, in ambulatory activity scenarios, and an assistant for home monitoring, guaranteeing personalized attention and adapted to the user and optimizing the work for the healthcare professional.

Facing the great health challenge derived from the demographic change in progress towards an increasingly aging population, with a longer life expectancy, which generates greater care demands, it is a priority of health services to find formulas for quality, equitable and sustainable care. Of special relevance is the elderly population, with reduced mobility and a limited degree of personal autonomy, who require special and individualized attention by the organization, both in access and during the care and monitoring outside the walls of the health center.

CAREBOT comes up as an answer to the present assistance needs, with the deveolpment of assistants who offer continuous assistance, accompanying not only in physical care, but also in psychological and social care. During the project, two complementary solutions will be designed and built, with the support of the collaborationg clinical entities:

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