E-Predict-D. Prevention of depression through a personalized intervention based on ICT

Prevention of depression through a personalized intervention based on ICTs, predictive risk algorithms, and DSS for patients and family physicians: EPredictd study.

Promoting entity: IBIMA / Mental Health, Services, and Primary Care (SAMSERAP)

Principal investigator: Juan Ángel Bellón Saameño

The Biomedical Research Institute of Malage (IBIMA) is a multidisciplinary research space in biomedicine that centers around the “Regional” and “Virgen de la Victoria” University Hospitals, together with the Primary Care and biotechnological groups of the University of Malaga.

Its objective is to promote research of excellence, preferably oriented to translational research, favoring the obtaining of transferable results to clinical practice and biotechnological applications.

Insati acts as a technological partner of the organization, designing and developing the technological platform that supports the project.


E-predictD is an application designed to help people prevent depression. This application is based on information technology, carries a series of predictive algorithms that help the patient to make a decision about the things he can do to prevent a depression, while also being connected to his family doctor.

The application

The user downloads the application, answers a series of questions and is informed of the results. From there, it develops a series of programs that can be done to prevent depression and the user can choose what he wants.

Within the clinical trial to be performed, the application recommends that you visit your family doctor to discuss it.

This prevention program is customized for each user, their risk factors, what they want and their circumstances.

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