VII RIES 2022 Forum Cutting-edge health, healthcare innovation and new models of care

Once again, and this is the seventh edition, we attended the RIES2022 Forum, held on 26th and 27th October in Santiago de Compostela. The aim of this edition was to address cutting-edge health, with the innovative solutions that have been developed to improve care and the challenge of matching this progress with an impact on care models.

#RIES is the international forum of reference at national and international level to address the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare ecosystem. Led by the CSG (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), it has been created as a meeting forum between the main agents of the health and socio-health sectors of the public and private sectors at national and international level, in collaboration with its strategic partners of the #CSG Community.

On Wednesday we attended the inauguration, with the presentation of the honorary committee, chaired this year by José Noya, the #Ries2022 Awards and the subsequent gala dinner, where we were able to enjoy the company of good friends. Thursday saw the start of the congress, with a varied and intense programme that included the participation of numerous experts, presentations of great interest and the agoras, a relaxed space for debate, exchange of experiences and knowledge.

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