XIX Professional Conference “Alzheimer’s, a shared challenge”

The Galician Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients and other Dementias (AFAGA) is organising the 19th edition of its annual conference on 26 November.

With this event, AFAGA Alzheimer’s continues to create a space for meetings and specialised training, where health and social-health professionals can reflect on the current situation and future challenges in dementia care.

The event will take place at the headquarters of the Barrié Foundation, in Rúa Policarpo Sanz and the deadline for registration is 23 November, for which it is necessary to present the registration form and proof of payment. Places are limited, we encourage you to book as soon as possible.

Diptych XIX Professional Conference “Alzheimer’s, a shared challenge”.
Poster XIX Professional Conference “Alzheimer’s, a shared challenge”.

The Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s patients and other dementias of Galicia (AFAGA) was born in 1994 as a result of the interest of a group of relatives due to the disorientation and lack of information that existed at that time regarding this disease. AFAGA was the first association of relatives in Galicia.

Among its most important aims are to provide guidance and information to both relatives and the general public, to bring Alzheimer’s reality closer to public and private entities with the aim of achieving a broad and effective response to the demands of this group and to stimulate and collaborate in the research carried out on this disease.

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